Published (VII)

Okay, so, really exciting news…

I am a contributor for The Tempest, a platform ran by millennial women on a global scale sharing diverse stories. Their former target audience was Muslim women, and then they expanded it, and it’s pretty awesome that they did!

They truly are an open platform. The first article I read of one of their contributors was about how she studied Islam and recognized her Christian privilege. Since then, I have read stories on their platform from contributors outside of this country, trans women, Middle Eastern women, black women, a couple of mixed race women, and more.

I’ll be writing for their Politics and Race Section, mostly on mixed race identity. We’ll see where this goes and see what else I’ll write about!

I am so honored to be a contributor. My first piece will be live tomorrow!

You can either stay updated on their website or their Twitter handle @WeAreTheTempest.



The Black Sheep Articles @ ECU

Back in June, I received an email about a new internship opportunity.

It was described to me as “like the Onion, but for college campuses.”

I would receive internship credit for turning in articles and attending content meetings every week for The Black Sheep Articles @ ECU. I received my first two assignments yesterday.

I’m actually pretty excited about it! It gives me the chance to write more than I usually do, it’s an opportunity to reach out to my campus, and it gets me further along in my English degree. What is there to lose? Also, it will push me to want to write in other mediums when I’m not working on an article, that way my creative juices can still flow properly.

Here’s to a good year with The Black Sheep.