Moments in 2017

Sooooo much has happened in one year. This is one of my longest posts to date. You’ve been warned.

I completed my time as a Better Together Coach for the Interfaith Youth Core co-facilitating at the Interfaith Leadership Institute in Atlanta, Georgia and Elon University’s Ripple Conference in North Carolina.

I wore green in honor of Meredith College’s Green Out day in support of the Muslim community since the election of 2016.

I performed “My Angry Vagina” in ECU’s production of The Vagina Monologues.

I performed poetry along with my poetry partner for our friend’s multimedia installation Bare Bones, which involved music poetry, a lot of dance, photography, and visual art.

I organized ECU’s second annual Interfaith Leadership Summit that had Chris Stedman (author of Faitheist) as our featured speaker; this was the first time we’ve had local news coverage about it:

I got out of a romantic relationship.

I competed in the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) with my slam team in Chicago, Illinois.

Interfaith Pirates Better Together won the Identity Development Award for the second year in a row, and for the first time, my spoken word group and slam team Word of Mouth won the Civic Engagement Award at the ALANA Heritage Ball Awards at ECU.

I got to collaborate with Hillside Missions and the Interfaith Refugee Ministry in New Bern, North Carolina to volunteer in refugee relief under Interfaith Pirates Better Together.

I completed my semester long BSW internship with United Way of Pitt County where I developed storytelling programming for infants and toddlers and did grant writing.

I graduated from ECU with a Bachelor’s in Social Work and a Bachelor’s of Art in English Magna Cum Laude. For my English graduation, I gave a speech as a recipient of Most Outstanding Undergraduate in English.

I went to Windy Gap for InterVarsity’s Rec Week as a retreat for religious and spiritual growth.

My brother graduated high school.

I traveled out of the country for the first time to South Asia and had a long enough layover to look around England upon returning back to the states. You can read all about it here:

I moved to Portland, Maine and completed my first semester of graduate school at the University of New England and got all A’s my first semester.

I decided to go to therapy again after deciding to stop going for six months.

I started my first half of my yearlong MSW internship with Maine Inside Out grant writing and co-facilitating theater programming for incarcerated youth and formerly incarcerated youth. One of the letters of intent I wrote as a candidate to apply for a grant got accepted.

I have been contributing monthly videos for Multiracial Media touching on topics about mixed race identity you can find here from this year:

I shared a lot of people’s spoken word work on mental health and suicide online, including my own, in honor of Suicide Prevention Month; I got my second tattoo as well in honor of Suicide Prevention Month.

I became a Personal Support Specialist on the weekends.

I was a sacrificial poet for the Vox Slam for Slam Free or Die’s tournament in Manchester, New Hampshire.

I got to meet Leslie Odom, Jr. at Portland Ovations and he was wonderful! And he signed my copy of Hamilton: the Revolution.

I’ve had ups and downs in the dating world.

I got to create interfaith programming as part of my course work at UNE.

I was a sacrificial poet at the Feminine Empowerment Movement Slam Tournament (FEMS) in Cambridge, Massachusetts and got to see old and new friends in an empowering space of fems.

I joined Portland’s weekly spoken word collective Port Veritas, won a couple of their slam contests, and I host every couple of weeks their open mics.

I got to co-feature with a friend in Portsmouth, New Hampshire’s Book n Bar with the Beat Night Band.

I have received a lot of mean tweets for a tweet that I made about a confederate flag waving near the highway in Virginia. Never thought I’d put something like that on this list.

Although this was my first Thanksgiving without family, I got to spend it with great friends in Montreal, Quebec; it was my first time in Canada and second time out of the U.S. this year.

I’ve had the opportunity to read so many of my friends’ books and love them and support them.

I watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Coco in movie theaters and I loved it!

Resolutions from 2017:

Have the concept of a book set in order to start writing a draft. (Achieved! It’s going to take forever to actually complete the book, but the more I talk about it, the more I’ll be held accountable in finishing it)

Read Scripture every day, along with writing prayers every day. (Beginning of the year was steadily maintained. In the middle of the year, not the best. However, since July, I’ve been consistent and I’m still going. I’m more consistent in going to church every sunday too; since August, I’ve only missed 2 or 3 Sundays. So I’ll say Achieved.)

Have a car for grad school. (Achieved! Thank you Dad!)

Expand topics in the Race Section of The Tempest. (Achieved? I did get to do a bit for a couple of articles edited and pitches I gave. However, I actually stepped down as editor in August/September. I still pitch to The Tempest when I can, they’re still so amazing!)

Outline an interfaith-related form of programming for Hillside Missions. (Achieved! Read above)

Work out twice a week starting January 9th, when school starts again. (Beginning of the year, steadily maintained. Summertime, none at all. Since August, I made it once a week. Once or twice since then I’ve done it twice a week. Achieved?)

Resolutions for 2018: (still trying to maintain the idea of realistic goals, and won’t berate myself if they’re not all achieved, but I want to achieve as much as I can)

Have a website to showcase myself as a poet.

Perform at 3 to 5 venues as a poet that aren’t in an open mic setting or a competitive slam setting.

Complete at least half of my book.

Get my LMSW after graduation and have a job where I can put my license to practice after graduation.

Get out of my comfort zone creatively by trying stand up comedy, dancing, more singing, and maybe other forms.

Go to the Mixed Remixed Festival in June since I missed it last year.

See A Wrinkle in Time in theaters.

Publish a poetry chapbook.

I enjoy writing these posts to look back on as much as I’m willing to share about with others. Overall, I have had a pretty good year, and an exciting year. On a larger scale, I know that this year has been so so rough for a lot of us. It hasn’t been easy for any of us to always maintain optimism, and we shouldn’t be obligated to. Cheers to us who still found light the best way we knew how to.




Moments in 2016

I got to meet poet, educator, and activist Sister Sonia Sanchez. I also got to meet Matthew Vines, writer of God and the Gay Christian, and founder of the Reformation Project.

I participated in the #ECUWithoutMe Campaign, speaking out about visibility of multiracial identity.

I got to compete in the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational for the second time in Austin, Texas with fellow Word of Mouth Slam team members. I saw Rudy Francisco and Neil Hilborn again–seeing Neil was great especially before opening for him in a spoken word performance at our university–and I met Sierra DeMulder for the first time.

My interfaith organization, Interfaith Pirates Better Together, organized East Carolina University’s fist Interfaith Leadership Summit as a space for people to discuss and put into action social justice through interfaith dialogue. It will now become an annual conference.

Interfaith Pirates has been recognized in local and national nominations and awards for our hard work.

My InterVarsity staff worker left his position to work at Third Street Community Center in Greenville, NC, and he left someone just as awesome as him in his place.

I became a contributor and editorial fellow for The Tempest, where diverse millennial women take media by storm. I later became the Race Section editor for The Tempest.

Another sister of mine graduated high school.

I was invited to share my work at the Mixed Remixed Festival, and was on the Mixed Millenials Panel at the Festival in Los Angeles, California. I also got to meet Taye Diggs at the Mixed Remixed Festival.

I interned with Hillside Missions for the whole summer serving refugees in the Richmond Area and learning more about cross cultural missions work, and how to change the narrative of missions work, which has inspired me to go to South Asia in June 2017:

I was accepted into the Interfaith Youth Core’s Better Together Coach Program, helping facilitating different students’ learning in campus interfaith work all from around the United States. I also had the honor to read a speech at the annual Interfaith Leadership Institute in Chicago, Illinois about my growth as an interfaith leader.

I got to meet activists Angela Davis and Kate Bornstein. A friend and I got to open for Angela Davis through spoken word performance.

I saw Zootopia and Moana in theaters and I loved it!!

I having been blogging for over two years.

Resolutions from 2016:

Score well on the GRE when I take it in February. [Achieved!]

Intern over the summer with Hillside Missions in Richmond, Virginia. [Achieved!]

Be accepted to at least one out-of-state graduate school. [Achieved! I will be attending the University of New England in Portland, Maine in August. I will be in their Advanced Standing Master’s in Social Work Program along with their certificate program for Applied Arts and Social Justice]

Find new ways to to take time for myself while also finding new ways to use this blogging space. [There were moments when I haven’t blogged in a long time, however, this was still able to be accomplished. Achieved!]

Meditate more along with writing prayers and being more active in prayer. [Achieved in being active in prayer. Not Achieved in writing prayers as often as I used to, or in meditating. Could have been better]

Read my great grandpa’s work on the missions he did in Africa. [Not Achieved]

Continue learning how to be more honest. [Gradually Achieving]

Audition and perform in a play. [Auditioned, yes. However, the performance for The Vagina Monologues won’t be until February of 2017. Achieved?]

Resolutions for 2017 (trying to stay as realistic as possible):

Have the concept of a book set, in order to start writing a draft.

Read Scripture every day, along with writing prayers every day.

Have a car for grad school.

Expand topics in the Race Section of The Tempest.

Outline an interfaith-related form of programming for Hillside Missions.

Work out twice a week starting January 9th, when school starts again.

This is the first time I actually post this the day of the New Year. This past year has been rough in our global climate, and this year may be even more rough, but it’s still going to be great. Here’s to a Happy New Year!