A Different Perspective

It’s all about how flavored wine coolers are better compared to beer; beer tastes like urine. Rancid, carbonated urine. It’s all about being one of the few sober people in the room, sitting uncomfortably on a crowded, beat up couch, watching everyone else in their inebriated foolery. It’s all about either the one sober friend checking on you, or the one drunk friend, or acquaintance, or someone you just met, checking on you, hoping to see you get on their level of fun. It’s about finding amusement in observing everyone’s temporary insanity, finding out how many would want to stay in that temporary, intoxicated insanity forever.

It’s all about how you’re trying to stay above conformity while craving it at the same time, wanting your awkwardness to be swallowed whole with just a couple of bottles, three or four tops. It’s about being referred to as the “good girl,” about wanting you to get drunk already and let loose, and your definition of “loose” is a more contained and acceptable version for yourself compared to the stupid, very sexually active, über emotional individuals around you, crashing into you as if you were invisible, because you are. It’s about realizing how alcohol can make one blind to reality, that piece of reality that includes you, and forgetting that sometimes, as you wonder why that guy chugging a whole keg upside down believes it’s a talent important enough for Carnegie Hall, or why two heterosexual female strangers believe that making out for the hell of it to please hormonal heterosexual men will fulfill them, or why that jerk keeps flirting with you when you clearly stated that you weren’t interested for the hundredth time!

It’s how you see what that character in It’s a Wonderful Life meant when he said that youth was wasted on the wrong people. It’s about how you just want to go home already! It’s how you wonder “My God, why did I come here in the first place?!” It’s how you realize that it was because you already took the sip of conformity you claimed earlier you would never take.