Published (VII)

Okay, so, really exciting news…

I am a contributor for The Tempest, a platform ran by millennial women on a global scale sharing diverse stories. Their former target audience was Muslim women, and then they expanded it, and it’s pretty awesome that they did!

They truly are an open platform. The first article I read of one of their contributors was about how she studied Islam and recognized her Christian privilege. Since then, I have read stories on their platform from contributors outside of this country, trans women, Middle Eastern women, black women, a couple of mixed race women, and more.

I’ll be writing for their Politics and Race Section, mostly on mixed race identity. We’ll see where this goes and see what else I’ll write about!

I am so honored to be a contributor. My first piece will be live tomorrow!

You can either stay updated on their website or their Twitter handle @WeAreTheTempest.



Published (VI)

During my freshman year, I had an English Project where we were assigned to write a research paper on a common belief. I chose to write mine on the common belief of creativity being able to be taught, where I agreed that one can be taught to express their creativity, but not creativity itself.

Writing that paper, researching about creativity is a unique, innate thing, and how it can be used as a source of healing, moved me to change my primary major from sociology to social work, while keeping my secondary major, English.

A few months ago, I received an email from The Lookout, my university’s undergraduate research magazine, saying they were accepting submissions. I asked whether or not it had to be one this year, and they said to submit whatever I had. I submitted two papers, and the one that I wanted in there the most got accepted!

The link is here if you would like to take a look at all of the awesome research:

It’s so great that there’s research in there that students are actually passionate about in this issue.

Published (V) and an Awesome Update

This year is my second year published in my university’s Expressions Magazine, a literary/arts magazine representing minorities on campus. The issues keep getting better and better, and I have more pieces in it this year! Yes! There are some pieces you guys may recognize, such as “Girl at Mirror” and “Enough.” I decided to submit those two poems. I also submitted a poem called “Living with Depression” that I will upload on here eventually, and a short story called “What Are You?” which I will upload as well. It’s a really good semester, being published a lot. I’m really proud of myself.

I’m also proud of being part of an ongoing project called The 100% Mixed Show. It’s a YouTube channel that accepts video submissions about various people from around the world growing up mixed race. Other videos on there about questions about mixed race heritage are on their channel as well. Here is my submission, if you would like to check it out: Also, check out other people’s stories! And, if you would like to submit, the guidelines are right here: (if you’re worried about editing, they can edit it for you).

I’m gonna make a post about another publication, which you will have to find out more about by reading that post once it’s out.

It’s been a pretty good few weeks.

Published! (IV)

I have heard great news this past Sunday morning.

On Friday, September 11th at the President’s Fifth Annual Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge at Howard University, In D.C., I had the opportunity to meet Asma Uddin, founder and editor-in-chief of altFem magazine. It is a magazine that gives women spiritual solace, strength, power, and confidence when talking about religion and diversity in regards to gender, ethnicity, and nationality. It is also an umbrella site for altMuslimah, for Muslim women, and altCatholicah, for Catholic women.

It provides an inclusive platform for various women’s perspectives through touching on culture, community, the arts, and so much more. Ms. Uddin provided me the information to submit something to the site, and I’m so glad I did.

The link to my literary submission is below. But also check out other articles, they’re so well written and intelligent. No bluff pieces or stereotypically angry blogs. I really like it. I hope to submit more to the site, because it’s a great site to be a part of.

Published (III) and Writing Opportunity!

I’m really digging writing for The Black Sheep Articles at ECU this year.

I’ve been able to improve in my humor and satire and branch out enough to connect more with people my university. Also, the team is pretty awesome.

Alex Lewis has their live days on Mondays, I have my live days on Tuesdays, we currently have no live days on Wednesdays, Caitlin Rosenberg has her live days on Thursdays, and Sophronia Knott has her live days on Fridays.

If there are any ECU students interested in becoming a staff writer to fill our Wednesday slot, apply to The Black Sheep Articles on their site under East Carolina University at

If you want to read old and new articles, visit

It’s a whole lot of fun, please check it out!

1st Year of Blogging

Today marks an entire year of having this blog.

Whoo hoo!

This blog is one of the main things that help me be consistent with my writing. It definitely helps with writer’s block, venting, and trying different mediums of how I should write poems, prose, short story.

It’s one of the two things that made my day today.

This morning, I received a package that was a lovely source of encouragement for my faith and well being. Especially in terms of creativity and my life.

A whole year of commitment and consistency with this small online platform, reminds me of why I should keep writing. One day I want to publish a couple of books. A book of poems and a novel. The idea of writing a novel is more overwhelming than writing poetry. There’s the fear of writing something that’s too preachy or with too much voice without setting or an actual narrative. But it’s so weird that a tiny notification, can give me encouragement to maintain that goal.

This blog has made me write about things that make me happy and things that I want to change and bring awareness to. It has also helped me set a goal for how much to write, and even what to write. I put up more short stories and more updates about small publications I’ve done in school. I soon want to write reviews of movies I’ve seen, poems with more structure, and more.

The novel is the ultimate goal. To make eight year old me proud of me. And current nineteen year old me proud of me. It’s going to take forever, but it’s a bucket list priority. It needs to happen.

Whoo! A whole year on a blog!

Published! (II)

East Carolina University publishes a literary/art magazine called Rebel each Spring. My poem, “Hometown: Ft. Washington, Maryland” won a publication. It made me really happy!

Unfortunately, my friend Michael, did not have any of his work published, because he was not an ECU student. I have a post about him titled “Poem: for Michael Boyles” on this blog if you would like to know more about that.

Nevertheless, I am still pretty happy that I have been able to publish my work on my campus. It can help in terms of networking and how I can a challenge myself as a writer some more.

There is no link to my poem, but, I do have a link to the winners in film, dance, and music who were published about in the magazine. Enjoy!