Stream of Consciousness 4

Someone told me that if I really don’t have one hour, or two hours, to give completely to myself, I had to explain to them exactly why I wasn’t worth my own personal time. Wow. So I’ve been spending my time writing, praying, meditating, and it’s a nice feeling. I would really like for this to continue as a regular thing. Once a week, set aside time just for me. Set aside time between me and God as well. I’m trying my hardest not to get sick, but at the same time, I’m anticipating it to happen already, if that makes sense. I’m excited for a lot of events this week regarding interfaith work and slam poetry. We have a second general body meeting of the year, we have one once a month, and I hope to have just as good of conversation as last month, we’ll be having a movie night in order to talk about religious and non-religious representation in film and other forms of media (talk about stereotypes, how to be better consumers, etc.). My spoken word organization is having an event in awareness of domestic violence, and we’re looking forward to the turnout at that. I’m really excited for CUPSI in April of 2016. Fingers crossed, fingers crossed. I like writing pieces about mixed race identity, I’m doing that for one of my social work assignments, so I hope that turns out well. I have an apple in my room that I could eat right now. Looks pretty tasty. I’m wondering if I should watch a movie or not. We’ll see. Maybe, probably. The Prince of Egypt would be good to watch again, it’s one of my favorite movies, not just one of my favorite animated movies. I don’t know, I should keep writing. I got a Twitter account over the summer. I used to have one in high school, but I hated it. I like Twitter now. Hopefully today continues to go well. If not, that’s okay, at least my morning was nice, but I do hope for an overall good, productive day.


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