Poem: Enough

Dear conservative media,

I understand you guys get a bad rap at times,

But this time,

You went too far.

Tired of hearing from angry minorities?

Then you shouldn’t be hurting our own.

You’re the reason why kids like me felt

The obligation of choosing one facet of myself

Over another.

A game of Connect Four on the concept of

Race if you will.

“Which color goes through which slot?”

When did you choose Shaun King

As your new target?

Apparently your outlets are knowledgeable enough

To talk about people of color well.

Apparently you’re validated in comparing

Shaun King to Rachel Dolezal.

Weren’t you just defending her last week?

You’re part of the reason why mixed people

Don’t feel welcome to the table to stand up

For black lives.

You’re the whole reason why the One Drop Rule

Is still a thing.

A rule ingrained in unwritten social textbooks that

People forget need to be closed.

Shaun King’s voice is needed in this movement

You try so hard to be rid of.

He can speak on why majority and minority

Must collaborate in order to live in the free world

You attempt to call “post racial.”

Conservative media,

What the heck is “post racial”?

In terms of Team Color Blind,

Just because you see no evil,

It doesn’t mean there is no evil.

It regurgitates the need to compartmentalize

Our identity by saying we’re not enough.

Black enough, White enough,

Mixed enough, This enough,

Enough is enough, dear outlets.


Dear Shaun King,

Your blog on growing mixed

Moved me to tears.

And you’re amazing for fighting against

Police brutality after false accusations

Tell you not to.

Thank you for pushing people like me to join

The conversation.

Thank you for not excluding anyone from this

Great roundtable of knights people only hear about

In fairytales.

Social justice can soon no longer be a fairytale.

So, dear conservative media…

Nice try.


Film Review: Insurgent

Note: This is a collective review from me and what I heard from people as we all watched it together in ECU’s Hendrix Theater

It’s close to the weekend, so you’re probably tired enough to need to watch a new movie. But you know the people who check your OneCard at the front doors of Hendrix must be tired too if they say “I believe you,” before you even pull your proof of student-hood out of your wallet.

More power to them, having to see three types of moviegoers for Insurgent playing not too long ago:

(1) the critics who will bash the movie after a millisecond of not being anywhere near the book—

“Tris’ hair is so not that short!”

“Well, they did the best they could since the actress had her hair cut a certain way for The Fault in Our Stars…”

“I don’t care! Shoulder length, not pixie!”

So much dedication.

(2) The girlfriends who drag their boyfriend along to prove how Tris and Four are #relationshipgoals (Because we’re fluent in hashtags now). They wish their boyfriends had the same sexy arms and tattoos as Four…So much they don’t care how stupid his name is. They just stop and stare as they try to remind themselves not to think about him as they’re kissing their normal, somewhat attractive boyfriends.

Girlfriend: *Deep, sensuous, dreamy sigh.*

Boyfriend: Really?

Hey, at least she keeps it honest.

(3) Squealers…You know, the ones who act like they’re twelve-year-old tweens again in order to enjoy a movie geared towards tween to teen audiences? Professional fan-girls at their best, you can’t be mad at them.

As the movie begins, people arrive late from getting food, friends whisper amongst themselves their uncontainable excitement or explaining the plot for those who either didn’t watch the first movie or didn’t read the books, and glowing cell phones commence, not being a problem in Hendrix because it’s not like you paid money to watch it.

Insurgent follows Tris and her gang seeking refuge in Amity, Candor, and faction less factions as they plot the perfect plan to stop Female Erudite Hitler Janine once and for all for killing people who are under the category of “Divergent.” As usual with every young adult fiction female hero (Ahem, Twilight, Ahem, Hunger Games, Ahem, AHEM!!), there’s something special about Tris’ Divergence that Janine and her Nazis want. No spoilers, promise.

The audience collectively groans each time Peter’s, an annoying antagonist from the Dauntless faction, face shows up. He always offers funny quips, but that unfortunately doesn’t excuse him from being horrible. However, one viewer got so mad each time he got his a** handed to him by Tris as he shouted “Punk a**!” Yay masculinity!

Due to the lack of sexy time between Tris and Four, contrasting from the first movie’s, the audience had every right to go “Ooooh” and “Whoo!” as they finally proceed PG-13 intercourse. Edgy to the point for your girlfriend fantasizing herself as Tris, but not to the point of you wishing you both could have just stayed in tonight with a harmless comedy on DVD.

Kate Winslet’s portrayal of Janine was so good you could hear almost every female student in Hendrix murmur the word “b****” every time she appeared on screen.

Some of the camera work was a bit much, and no one knows whether or not this movie passes Dylan Marron’s “Every Word Spoken by a Person of Color” Test despite having such a diverse cast, but the acting was great, it passes the Bechdel Test, the special effects are intriguing to keep your eyes glued to the screen with your mouth agape, and it’s awesome to talk about afterwards. Buy it!