1st Year of Blogging

Today marks an entire year of having this blog.

Whoo hoo!

This blog is one of the main things that help me be consistent with my writing. It definitely helps with writer’s block, venting, and trying different mediums of how I should write poems, prose, short story.

It’s one of the two things that made my day today.

This morning, I received a package that was a lovely source of encouragement for my faith and well being. Especially in terms of creativity and my life.

A whole year of commitment and consistency with this small online platform, reminds me of why I should keep writing. One day I want to publish a couple of books. A book of poems and a novel. The idea of writing a novel is more overwhelming than writing poetry. There’s the fear of writing something that’s too preachy or with too much voice without setting or an actual narrative. But it’s so weird that a tiny notification, can give me encouragement to maintain that goal.

This blog has made me write about things that make me happy and things that I want to change and bring awareness to. It has also helped me set a goal for how much to write, and even what to write. I put up more short stories and more updates about small publications I’ve done in school. I soon want to write reviews of movies I’ve seen, poems with more structure, and more.

The novel is the ultimate goal. To make eight year old me proud of me. And current nineteen year old me proud of me. It’s going to take forever, but it’s a bucket list priority. It needs to happen.

Whoo! A whole year on a blog!


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