Poem: Body Image

Note: Critiques are always welcome. This is more straightforward than other poems I shared.

Did you know that women are required to have body fat because we have to make the babies?

Did you know that thigh gaps were never a beauty standard

Until a few years ago?

Did you know that Barbie used to a positive influence as a sex doll

Before corporations pleased Ken dolls in human suits enough for them to please themselves

With expectations,

Crushing little girls’ dreams?

Did you know that Ken doesn’t have to have

A large penis to feel masculine?

Did you know that size doesn’t matter,

And that’s not just a statement you say

For underdog penises either?

Did you know that gender is an illusion?

Did you know that we’re all illusions?

Impressionist paintings of various sized strokes

And that it’s not a crime to believe we’re grand masterpieces?

Did you know though I’ve sucked my stomach in

When I looked in the mirror,

While making a silent prayer for a bigger butt?

Did you know that I am the hypocrite from your

Cosmos and Seventeens

And Sports Illustrateds?

Did you know that those pages spread into

People’s skin long enough to make them either

Eat less

Or more,

And can’t shut the magazine until getting past the good part?

Did you know that the good part doesn’t exist,

Because all the best writers create suspense

So that the conflict is never solved?

Did you know that we’re tired of towering standards,

But we don’t know how to knock them down?

Did you know that it took me  years to feel confident

In a bikini?

Did you know that the bikini was revolutionary

Until marketing created the fictional

Bikini Body Look?

Did you know that all you have to do to have “Bikini Body”

Is to just place your body in a bikini



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