Male Dominance in Popular Songs

Yes, this is a rant.

No, this is not me being a “prude.”

Distracted by mainstream singing voices and a club-like beats, the words can be drowned out when trying to listen to these songs on the radio.

It’s quite demeaning to imply that women want the male(s) singing to them. That is the type of assumption that makes men believe that they aren’t truly masculine unless they get laid, and that men can take women as their property because these type of songs already proclaim it to the heavens.  “Don’t Tell ‘Em” by Jeremih, 2013’s number one song “Blurred Lines,” by Robin Thicke, “B****** Love Me,” by Lil Wayne and Drake, “Jealous,” by Nick Jonas…Breathe.

That’s a reminder for me to breathe, I’m typing it from my head to the page.

It’s revolting how a “sick beat” can keep people from hearing the offense spewed as a way to gain fame and money.

Do an exercise for me.

State, don’t sing, a few of the lyrics of one or more of these songs, or any song with a similar theme, to your mother, your sister, your girlfriend, or your friends who are girls.

Can you?


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