The link that will be provided is a website that leads to the PDF file of Expressions Magazine. It is a minority literary and arts publication that they finally started up again after a whole year. I have a short story titled “Truth: a Work of Historical Fiction.” It is about two brothers who write letters to each other; one brother is at home living with his mothers and the other is in college. I wrote it in July as a submission for the North Carolina Humanities Council, but it did not get in. However, in September, when I heard about Expressions launching again, I submitted “Truth” right away.

And it got in! Yes!

The whole magazine is so well done. All of the submissions provided honesty and awareness of what many believe is too sensitive of a topic to talk about. You should especially check out the written and painted works by Zach Timmons, Jasmin Balcazar-Romero, Sierra Brown, Bianca Butler, Tyree Jones, and Glory Illuyomade.


2 thoughts on “Published!

  1. Streams of conciousness are always nice. And even if you don’t publish them, you can always pluck out ideas from your consciousness.Your subconscious can set you free. This is my favorite form of writing, by the way. As always, keep up the good work, there are some gems in this stream of consciousness, and it would be great to see them expanded upon in future pieces. 🙂

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