Poem: Unplug

Note: A lot of poems lately. Crazy. When using the word “you,” I include myself and anyone reading this piece.

Turn away from the screeching SOS signs

From you pen and paper.

Ignore the moans from the hindered

Paints and canvases.

You have the patriotic colors of

Red and white

To turn to.

I do not speak of two-thirds

Of colors from a nationalist’s wet dream.

I’m taking about the

Flashes of Netflix and YouTube

Conspicuously and subliminally

Overtaking your sense of oneness.

These fictitious and idolized

Friends have claimed us as our own.

Why turn away from them now?

It’s difficult to wake up

From the comfortable LSD footage of

Someone creating something

That you don’t have to.

Not anymore.

Screw being the one tie dye fleck

In a conformed white t-shirt.

After many attacks of addicting detergent,

The garb is squeaky clean.

White views

And white noise

Keep your clothes nice and fresh.

Yay for the infomercials for life

Because you didn’t have to come up with that


Don’t you dare upchuck.

The bile has become tastier now.

No one truly wants to withdraw

From an alluring illness.

Repetition becomes an addiction too.

Weaving something new from you own fingers is tiring.

The same romantic, heroic, violent, sensational

Picks, clicks, and images

Have been the top conveniences.

It’s easier to find the newest cat video

Than to find your old notebook.

Art cries for you

And you refuse to hear her.

She is much more than a petty damsel in distress.

She is a lady.

Sophistication and purpose

Are all in her bundles and curves.

Yet you decided to stuff her into a desk drawer

To give light to shiny laptop

On the pedestal.

Binging at the bar of

“Just one more season,”

“Just one more scroll,”

Is the act of true triumph nowadays.

Why don’t you give your lady a chance again?

Let the fingernails chip and be covered

In acryllics and scribbles.

Not lustful chip crusts

Curling inside while hugging your whole fingers

To accompany your time at a phony, self-made, movie theater.

Respond to her SOS.


One thought on “Poem: Unplug

  1. People have such short attention spans, and I admit that this is a problem for me as well. It’s especially hard to concentrate when your medium is on the device that holds so many distractions. Keep on writing, I love reading it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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