Poem: Seek Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly

The Bible has often been seen as a doctrinal text.

Too thick of a book

With an infinite amount of metaphors of how to be

A good person.

The very old passages have a picturesque view of God

As an ethereal Hitler.

Unfortunately, the Bible hasn’t been read closely.

If one would read between the lines

Of conspicuous horror,

One could see the manifesto of Kingdom Living

Wanting to rise out of the ashes

Of Eden.

Wanting to go hand in hand

Into the Temple for all nations

And not the evil of a controlling supremacy.

Wanting to be delivered from Heaven on to Earth

To have Justice searched for to be served;

Mercy to be given, received, and loved;

Humble acts written not just to walk or run,

But to dance on the pages of our short,

Desperate, temporary, stories.

We have one chance in this aging realm

To have our literary vocal cords produce the goodness

God intended.

God does not promote

The heinousness that flows in and out

Of the cold caves of genocide,

Poverty, and discrimination.

Reconciliation is the ceaseless draping of

Fresh water for the thirsty life forces in every place

Known and unknown to man on Earth;

But the streamline is cut off daily

Through the selfishness of constructed superior privilege.

It is all Satan

Who created these evil fabrications

And the miserable outcomes of such.

It is Satan who makes the ignorance of the outcomes

Appear so relaxing,

As if a part of God’s call to pay no attention to,

Because Satan says it shouldn’t matter to us.

The convincing, fallen angel has the accursed gift to say that

It especially doesn’t matter to us

If it is not happening to us.

You have such beautiful, clean, fair, unblemished skin

That needs to be calm with no conflict, he soothes.

You deserve all of the fresh water,

Not the inconsequential

Ugly skinned, crippled, sexually immoral, flawed, and/or undeserving


Obviously, Satan does not stand for all.

Jesus stood for all.

Not for supremacy of thieves and dishonorable hyenas

In our chaotic jungle.

Jesus stood for everybody.

Why won’t we do the same?

Gandhi said that he liked our Christ

And not our Christians

Because Christ erupted actual change

Out of his holy volcanic spout

For every underrepresented mortal

To finally be proclaimed as deserving,

To eradicate the lies the enemy has said

Of them being undeserving;

Yet the designated, advantaged individuals

Who should hear God’s call

Do nothing.

Gandhi also said

To be the change

You wish to see in the world.

Why don’t they want effective change?

Why don’t we want change?

It is the only light,



That when ultimately presented

Shows results for everyone!

Not just ourselves!

Majority and minority must come together

To pursue the diverse Kingdom Living

We were meant to have.

We aren’t meant to make the faulty sacrifices

Of lambs and firstborns,

We are to seek justice,

Love mercy,

And walk humbly!

What is so doctrinal about that?


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