Budgeting at a University

This past Thursday, I went to go see a counselor for the second time at my school, ECU, to be told that I wouldn’t be able to meet with her once a week. I would have to wait one to two weeks to see if I can be part of a group session on campus, or would have to pay to see one off campus. My tuition already pays for counseling services, so I thought, “Why would I have to meet someone off campus and not a counselor here? It doesn’t have to be the same person.”

I asked the counselor this, and she explained that there aren’t enough counselors at this university to meet that kind of need for everyone. The budget needs to increase to hire more counselors and to make a larger space for them to come in. I tell her that I would try the group session and see what happens.

There isn’t a high enough budget to care for the mental health of students on campus.

It is fascinating where the heart of ECU truly lies.

Every year, they renovate or create a brand new stadium for sports teams. Every year, there is construction all around campus to improve the appearance of walkways and transit stops. However, four years ago, they were supposed to renovate the Mendenhall Student Activities Center. Movies, club meetings, speakers, panels, food, studying, and showcases for student life happen there all the time. Many students go there at least three times a week. Yet, there just hasn’t been time to improve its conditions. There are professors who stay all day in an office to advise students, when they truly don’t have to. Nevertheless, a lot of their offices need to be fixed, and that hasn’t happened. For student organizations, seventy percent of funding goes to Greek Life and other majority organizations, while cultural organizations that fight to have minorities recognized receive thirty percent of the funding.

I don’t care if I am overreacting or not.

It is amazing that officials would rather spend money on a stadium rather than truly provide for their students. Providing a voice and help for students seems trivial compared to trying to gain more fans for ECU.


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