Poem: Traveling with “Time”

Note: this was based on a prompt of two truths and a lie. Not our own truths and lies, but someone else’s. The truths were “I don’t believe in time and my favorite soda is Pepsi.” The lie was that “I have been to India.”

I love plane rides.

My heart leaps only for a brief moment

As I feel my flighty form of transportation

Lift into the air.

Clouds are filled with anticipated

Precipitation and Mother Nature’s Despot-like rules;

But they look so weightless

As I’m lying in my seat

Like a towel sprawled upon the beach’s sand.

You know, I love beaches too.

Tumblr doesn’t really do them justice.

With a cool can of Pepsi

And sunglasses on my face as a shaded crown,

I am queen.

Time has nothing on me in my kingdom.

In fact,

I don’t love time.

Why love something I don’t believe in?

Why must it be perceived as the omnipotent

Vishnu, or Allah, or Jehovah

Of bad concepts

When I am omnipotent?

I control my destiny.

I’ve even traveled outside of my normal world

To control Fate’s scribbles.


You bet go have.

Viewing the Taj Mahal

In a Crayola marked sunset Is the best way to feel love.

Who needs “a” love When someone built a symbol Of it for you?

Time says that it took over twenty years

For it to be built,

And over a century for it to be a legitimate landmark.

Well, Time can suck it!

Because at least it made it.

It made to become the goal of bliss

For millions of people worldwide.

Why blame something that doesn’t exist

For not accomplishing something?

“I’ve got to work, babe, I don’t have time.”

“Aw, I can’t do it tonight,

I Don’t have time.”

“We can’t to to India, the beach, or anywhere Near a plane,

Because we don’t have time!”

Time has NOTHING on me.

He/she, Whatever this make believe Oppressor calls itself,

Is not going to stop me From seeing the world.


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