Creative Aging Network’s “Do the Write Thing” Spoken Word Classes

Since late May of this year, I have been interning at the Creative Aging Network in Greensboro, North Carolina.

It is a non-profit organization that provides creative outlets for the aging community in North Carolina.

I promoted the organization and its classes, including the spoken word class, at community events in June while also training, taking notes at guild meetings, and teaching the spoken word class; the class was every Friday from early July until late August. The staff at the Adult Center for Enrichment allowed us to have space to teach and perform for the participants at 3:30 pm every Friday after the second week of classes.

My class consisted of a few women between the ages of sixty and eighty. They were vocal, opinionated, and always ready to perform.


When you love something, and then you converse with others who love the same thing, and you then teach them more about it, it’s so liberating. This was also my first time working with individuals much older than me, so, at first, it was pretty intimidating. But elder adults are more attentive than youth and they have a lot more to say. Moreover, they are more up to date than we’d like to believe. My students had the constant theme of social change, imminently ready to voice it. Besides the subjects of romance, mental illness, and art, that subject is always needed in a passionate form of writing such as spoken word.

I have a link to one of our performances below if you would like to check it out!


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