“I Am Only Human”

This a shot towards myself too, by the way.

Imperfection is rife in humanity. But why is the phrase “I am only human” the best excuse for when we do something in a negative light? Whether it’s lying or being lustful toward another individual, for example.

It’s rare when someone is crying and he or she says “I am only human.” Veronica Roth, author of the Divergent series, said that tears may be a chance for us once in a while to stray from monstrosity. We cannot control how we feel, nor can we control the natural tendency of sobbing or furrowing our eyebrows. However, when it leads to murder, greed, selfishness, or cowardice, “I am only human” seems to be the only reasonable explanation for why there are people like that in the world.

Also, virtually every religion displays the fall of man being the main reason for why humanity is inherently sinful. The fall from Purity, before wrongs ever came into the world. To be honest, that is comforting justification for why we’re “only human.” We weren’t always so bad. It can be okay to cry, shout, or exclaim this universal reason for our flaws.

Those flaws don’t always have to be a sin, either. They can be a stutter, a certain disposition, or an embarrassing memory that makes us original and still pretty great.

Isn’t it ever frustrating to never state “I am only human” when we do good in the world? As said before, we weren’t always so bad.

If only someone said “I am only human” when these things happened:

  • participating in charity
  • assisting one who fell
  • laughing at a hilarious movie; even when some don’t find it so funny
  • forming group hugs
  • having the urge to give gifts
  • going to church for a sense of community
  • not going to church for a sense of individuality
  • reading
  • putting on makeup to express yourself
  • dressing in a favorite outfit
  • playing tag
  • staying up all night on the phone in intriguing conversation
  • wanting to learn a new task
  • elated when finding a new pearl to add to your mental pearls of wisdom
  • finding God
  • giving substantial advice
  • wanting to go out to eat
  • smiling
  • saying “I love you”
  • working for what you’re passionate for
  • listening to music
  • dancing
  • snuggling with a stuffed toy

The list can go on and on, I know it. I cannot be the only person who wants that.

Throughout all of humanity’s baneful ideals, there are still imperfections that make us so wonderful.  The positivity in our nature makes us beautiful. WE are all wonderful and beautiful!


3 thoughts on ““I Am Only Human”

  1. I like what you’re saying here, but I think for positive things we don’t need to say “only”. We should just say “I’m human” and be proud that we’re blessed with the life we have and the people around us. Using the word “only” makes it sound like we should be more than human, but I think it’s pretty amazing to be human. Of course though, we should always try to better ourselves because we can always become better people. 🙂


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