Why Have Kids?

Kids absorb everything, remember everything, and see everything. They can either tug at your heart strings, or yank too hard at the base of your brain stem. Either way, they serve a fantastic purpose. We all went through childhood, we know the deal.

I, for one, do not want children.

This does not mean that I hate children. I work with them quite often when I’m not in school, and I enjoy it very much. Rowdiness can hardly be turned off, but I enjoy it nevertheless. They have such a thirst for knowledge and a prodigious amount of energy, it makes me want to be their age again.

I’m part of a family of four, and I have a large extended family filled with youthful liveliness. Henceforth, I appreciate my parents for having me and my siblings, or else none of us would exist.

I’m still early on in college, and that is a reason why this statement isn’t so bad during this time in my life. Beliefs change as we get older. Even so, right now, I believe that I would still not want children.

Because one of my majors I’m studying is social work, I will be associating with people of all ages, including children. Regardless of my for love kids, there is a BIG difference between assisting someone’s child verses my own child. I don’t see that other person’s child every day, and, obviously, my responsibility is not as heavy as a parent’s. When I have a career in the social work sector, that responsibility will increase a bit, but it is still not the same as a parent’s.

Some women marvel at the idea of carrying another human being inside. Nurturing him or her, bringing him or her into the world. How do they not find it terrifying? The female body goes through extreme changes after childbirth, there are chances of complications before and/or after the child is born, it will be the worst pain they’ll EVER feel. My God, they’re so brave.

There is a demand for parents to be perfect. Even though it is impossible to be perfect, as humans, we tend to forget that. Fears of either being too laid back or too strict are thought of a lot. Children, like everyone else, have the power to make their own choices. However, when they make bad choices I would feel as if there was no one to blame but myself. I raised that child, who else would be at fault? It’s stupid, but feelings are hard to control. As judgmental creatures in this temporary life, that’s exactly what will happen.

Because children are allowed to make their own choices, they cannot be my choices. My kids would inherit some of my traits, yet they can’t be exactly like me. They probably won’t have the same dreams I have, they may not choose the same faith as me, and they aren’t ME. Obviously, that is a beautiful concept when having children; and it is obviously a disappointing concept as well.

The world is at constant risk due to overpopulation, and I don’t want to contribute to the effects of that. Loss of food, increase of poverty, loss of space on the one planet we have to live on. If I ever decide to have children, I would much rather adopt or have foster children. Many kids in this world are brought into the world as if to only suffer. They don’t deserve to. Mental angels and demons would still argue how to be the best parent, but it’s still better than having those thoughts with my own biological children.

Finally, I am selfish. Everything in my life, my decisions and goals, have to centered around my kids. They matter more than I do. Those are the rules. A child should not endure my selfishness. There are those who become more selfless with children at home. I don’t think I should take that chance.


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