The Perks of Wearing Makeup

A prominent part of grooming in the media, the stage, the feminine world, and other factors of life is makeup.

As little girls and boys watch their mothers use their faces as canvases, curiosity builds in their hearts to the point of wanting to paint too. Red and pink lipsticks and technicolor eye shadows with brushes galore is a new form of coloring they haven’t experienced before.

In high school, I viewed makeup as a marketing scam from the dawn of time. It was used to demand women to enhance themselves now and always. …it still is that form of marketing scam at times. It’s frustrating when women can be insecure enough to not leave the house without even a splotch of foundation or mascara on.

However, because makeup is a great tool of expression, the pessimistic thoughts of it women comparing themselves to a coloring book that needs to be filled in, fade for a while. Makeup is also a great form of skincare, especially when it causes you to touch your face less, because no one wants messed up make up; there are lower chances of germs invading your face.

I don’t wear makeup every day. When I do wear it, I don’t like too much on my face. I still believe people around me look much prettier without makeup. I feel prettier without makeup. But when I have the urge to wear comfortable powder on my cheeks, mascara that makes my eyelashes stretch a symmetrical fashion, and a lip color that feels smooth, I can’t deny how good of a feeling that.

Feminine, expressive, spontaneous, fun.

Whether it’s for a special event at a specific time of the day, for a performance on stage, or for having a spirited moment with your products alongside friends or family, it’s great!


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