Poem: Father God

In the depths of the dusty graves of the hardships of Mother Earth,

Comes a warm, white light from Father God.

It appears, welcoming…Redeeming.

But it’s too good to be true. Right?

Too pure of a mirage to be saved from.


Or saved to for that matter.

But His voice proclaims,

As a great King,

“Come. I want you. I love you.

Trust in me, for I will never fail you.”

Mother Earth’s beauty has always been a temporary covenant.

Her unpredictability of sunshine verses darkness makes her

Disappointing each time.

The Father presents an eternal light.


Providing never ending blessings like the circular motion of a wedding ring.

Yes, I can finally become a bride that’s wanted.

A human wanted!

Being wanted by Him is all that matters.

“Take this journey with Me,” He soothes,

Holding out His mighty hand for me to grasp.

“I assure you, it will be okay.”

Initially hesitant, then with an affirmative smile, I hold onto Him.

He is the rope of life.

Burns upon the skin are relevant from the tight grip,

I know.

So Father heals them every time.

The rope of life is more relieving

Than the constant noose of Mother Earth’s

Broken promises.


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