“YOLO” in the Bible

I have been reading Ecclesiastes lately, and I used to think that it was a form of depressing scripture. It was filled with existential depression, if you will. The main theme exemplified how everything was “meaningless, like chasing the wind.” It talked a lot about the impending fate of death we’ll all face, whether one has morals, or one is immoral. Religious, or irreligious. One, or the other, in any form and fashion.

However, whether you read scripture or not, regardless of what faith you are, if you read Ecclesiastes closely, it’s not depressing at all.

Because of the meaningless process of life transitioning to death, we are encouraged to enjoy the provisions of life with purpose!

The Teacher in Chapter 2 decided, “there is nothing better than to enjoy food and drink and to find satisfaction in work” (Verse 24, NLT).

What is the use of getting rich (2:18-23 and 6:2), or gaining power (4:13-16) if there is no true passion or drive to make you enjoy living to the fullest?

LIVING. Not existing.

Many forms of literature write about living. Thoreau stated that men live quiet lives of desperation. Frost took the road less traveled by. It never blatantly came to my attention that religious literature would scream those same themes. I had an idea, especially for Eastern faith-based texts, but I never truly understood where to look in my own faith.


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