First Impressions

…Mixed. With Scotch Irish, German, African, and Native American descent. …Christian. No particular denomination, my father is Baptist and my mother is nondenominational as well. …Double majoring in Social Work and English at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC.

Although our heritage is important to know in order to track where we come from, it should not be the first thing to ask someone new. Especially if it is asked as such: “What are you?” I have been asked that for the majority of my life and it’s often uncomfortable.

I am proud of my beliefs, I do believe Jesus Christ is my savior, and I believe He rose from the dead for our sins. However, I also believe in science, gay rights, freedom of expression, and how that freedom includes the expression of all religions, sexualities, talents, speeches, clothes, etc. It is okay to to express a belief, they give us our worldview, and a worldview that is accurate enough for us to live by and be better. Even so, imminently wanting to know how one stands in faith upon first glance gives one the mental allowance to judge. No one wants to be judged for what they believe in. Including me.

The infinite amount of studies to pursue are noble, wonderful, and invaluable to pursue. Although it’s amazing to hear about what one is studying, studies are not part of a person’s identity. Who wants to be labeled by pure scarlet letters of the courses they’re taking and not what they want to accomplish in their life? Some may argue “Well their studies will help them accomplish in life.” No. Their attitude does. Their spirit does. I want to make a living making people’s day through expression, because it’s the best form of therapy. Still, I would have a life outside of that, and that’s forgotten. Like when children see their teachers outside of school.

It’s revolting to have a bar coded tattoo on our foreheads that makes people see only one thing about us. What ever happened to variety making things unique? It exists. I’m just saying that it should become even more relevant.


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